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Kotak Education Foundation

Facebook LIVE Webinar on ‘Mindfulness’

On 15th January, KEF organised a webinar on 'Mindfulness - The Way Forward' for the parents of health beneficiaries from partner schools.

Ms. Manisha Varma, a professional counsellor practicing for 22 years, conducted the webinar, that aimed at making our parents more conscious of their ‘mental health’, so that they are able to guide their children (our beneficiaries) in the right direction.

This webinar addressed one of the primary issues that we all have been facing throughout the pandemic - 'mental health'.

Ms. Varma made the session extremely interactive by demonstrating few practical exercises wherein she asked the online viewers to perform them together with her. These exercises made them feel relaxed and peaceful. She also answered the various questions raised by the parents, students and other viewers who watched this LIVE on KEF’s Facebook page.

The webinar reached out to approximately 3000 people and garnered very good online engagement through constant shares and comments.

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