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Kotak Education Foundation

Umang Conducts its first-ever Virtual Elocution Competition

Umang conducted its first Virtual ‘Interschool Elocution Competition’ recently with the prime objective to build students’ confidence in spoken English and public speaking skills.

After a thorough selection, out of 150 students, 11 were chosen as finalists.

Each of our students received personal mentoring on content and presentation by Umang teachers which honed their skills further and gave them the confidence to face virtual audiences confidently.

Students spoke for 3 minutes each, on various topics including, ‘the importance of extracurricular activities in a child’s life’, ‘how technology makes our lives better’, etc.

Nearly 100 guests were hosted on this virtual meet. All the 11 finalists surprised the judges and special invitees with their proficiency and spontaneity and performed so well that it was difficult to choose a winner, resulting in 6 winners from 6 different schools.

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