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Kotak Education Foundation

Season 2 of Spoken English Classes Launched with New Episodes

The Season 2 of Spoken English classes under Kotak Education Initiative was launched where in new episodes would be aired from Monday to Friday at 4.45 pm and 8.15 pm. There would also be a repeat telecast at 9.15 am the next day!

Airing for the second time, these episodes on various topics would run in the local cable channels (Den Gold and Hathway Campus) aimed at our beneficiaries for a period of 2 months.

These animated series of episodes are aimed at teaching basic spoken English modules to children in a fun and interactive way, so that, they learn their lessons sufficiently well, at the comfort of their homes, (given the pandemic situation) without the hassle of downloading videos or buying data packs (in case of online video consumption).

Events at a Glance

Events at a Glance