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KEF Gets a Foothold at the International TED-ED Club

One of KEF’s flagship initiative of the ‘Spoken English Program’ is the ‘Buddy Program’ which broadens students’ learning opportunities, wherein they collaborate with various reputed schools in Mumbai and other international digital exchange platforms.

One such collaboration with the ‘Bright Riders School’, Abu Dhabi enabled 5 students from our partner schools to participate in the ‘Call-Connect TED-Ed Club @ BRS’ event.

The objective was to exchange ideas, share experiences and information about the culture, customs and traditions of their countries. Students shared information about a few historical places of their countries, like ‘The Golden Man Statue at Almaty’, Kazakhstan and the ‘Golden Temple’ situated in Amritsar, India.

Jay Shelke of Afac English School was curious to know about the traditional food of Kazakhstan and was delighted to know about the ‘Beshbarmak’ dish!

KEF is looking forward to more such events as part of this new collaboration with the ‘Bright Riders’ School’s TedEd club for this year.

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