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KEF Kaarvaan, A podcast by KEF is a vibrant space for educationists and scholars, learners and trainers, policy-makers, and change influencers to express views and exchange know-how on the
#FutureOfEducation and #SkillDevelopment.

A lively platform for dialogue and debate, questions and conversations. All are hosted by KEFians! You will hear vivacious voices that challenge the status quo. Bend an ear to talented academic minds ticking away with ideas to drive positive change.

In this episode, Ms. Kalyani Patnaik speaks on The Future Of Education.

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Rise of The Phoenix at Rize 2023

It has been a rewarding 16 years since KEF embarked on the mission to equip economically disadvantaged children and youth with educa tion and foundational skills, galvanising them towards a better future. The felicitation ceremony for Rize 2023 was held on 29th September. It was truly magnificent, with 750 Kotak Junior Scholars, our future leaders and innovators, shining brightly as the stars of the event. Hon ouring their outstanding achievements, KEF launched ‘Phoenix’, a compendium of 20 stories of excellence, celebrating scholars who rose to great heights despite overwhelming hardships. The handy and elegant volume chronicles the inspiring journeys of Kotak Scholars who faced adversity with determination and diligence and became shining symbols of hope and transformation.

“A ship can never reach a port if there is no lighthouse.”

Shaping New Perspectives Through
Cultural Education

A series of educational visits in August and September 2023 by KEF Umang’s Communicative English - Future Readiness program left an indelible mark on students from various Mumbai schools. From an enriching movie screening at the US Consulate's Dosti House to thought-provoking skits on global issues at S.M. Shetty International School, these visits fostered unity, cross-school learning and cultural exchange. Moreover, a visit to The American School of Bombay promoted language development and cultural understanding through the 'Buddy Mentorship Program'. These experiences demonstrated the transformative power of education beyond the classroom, enhancing students' skills, global perspectives and collaborative abilities.

Training With A Difference

The Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FLN) Project Workshop with Primary School Teachers - “Connecting the Dots”. The journey began with an action-packed full-day workshop, graced by 71 passionate teachers eager to dive into this educational revolution. The FLN workshop aimed to empower teachers to transform their classrooms into engaging hubs of learning. They explored innovative strategies to make learning exciting, even within the confines of a single classroom. From the basics to the big picture, the workshop covered it all - the introduction, usage, importance and the transformative impact of FLN. But it wasn't all work and no play! Teachers had a blast participating in group activities like mind-bending word puzzles, thrilling Kahoot quizzes, and the fun-filled "find the object" game.

Trailblazers and Trends In Retail & QSR

Kotak Education Foundation organised an Industry Round Table conference, bringing together thought leaders, industry professionals, educators and recruiters. The purpose of this event was to explore the complex terrain of employability within the Retail and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) sector and also understand the current and upcoming trends. The conference also aimed to harmonise training curriculum and methodologies with the evolving requirements of the Retail & QSR industry while addressing solutions to bridge the current skills gap. The event functioned as a platform for cultivating fresh viewpoints and leveraging the wisdom and expertise of industry professionals to chart a collaborative course for closing the gap between demand and supply.

Change The Way You Think - Go Digital!

Kotak Education Foundation’s Digital Learning Solution (DLS) program conducted an exposure visit for School Leaders, some of its digitally transformed schools like Vidyadeep Vidyalaya, Mapkhan High School and National Girls Bandra High School Through this exposure visit, 47 School Leaders gained a comprehensive understanding of what digital transformation entails in a resource-constrained schools like theirs. They witnessed firsthand how technology is integrated into multiple aspects of teaching, learning and school management. They identified best and innovative practices in digital teaching-learning, explored digital tools for real classroom use and gained insights from knowledge sharing to plan effectively.

21st Century Skills - Mantra for Success

Kotak Education Foundation's LEAD project conducted a workshop titled "Life Skills and 21st Century Skills", aiming to enhance the understanding of essential skills for success in personal, academic and professional spheres in the 21st century. It lasted eight hours and was attended by more than 30 school leaders from Kotak Education Foundation partner schools. The workshop helped participants gain a deep understanding of these critical skills and their role in personal, and professional development, making them job-ready. It also served as a platform to foster knowledge exchange among educators, students and professionals. The event concluded with a commitment to implementing the strategies discussed including techniques like 5 E, and life skills and lesson plans in schools.

E-learning and Teamwork for Problem-Solving

Chitkara Business School organised ‘National Level Business Conclave 2023’, centred around the theme “Navigating the Emerging Business Landscape: The Power of Digital Marketing & Innovative Technologies”. Held on October 6th at Chitkara University, the Conclave featured prominent industry experts who delivered insightful talks on the ever-evolving business landscape and innovations shaping the industry today and in the foreseeable future. Among the distinguished speakers, Dr. Ganesh Raja, the CEO of Kotak Education Foundation, addressed MBA and BBA students on the topic of ‘Transforming Education through Technology and Collaboration.’

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