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Heartiest Congratulations to our very own Kotak Kanya Scholar!

Kotak Education Foundation (KEF) is happy to announce that Ms. Deepti Sharma one of the Kotak Kanya Scholar’s has been honored with gold medals in Anatomy and Physiology by King George Medical University, Lucknow in the first year of her MBBS. The Kotak Kanya Scholarship program by Kotak Education Foundation supports young female scholars/academically meritorious girls from all across India belonging to underprivileged sections of society to pursue higher education. them.

To know more about the scholarship click on the link

Annual Project Presentation by KEF to Regional Direct Office, RAA and Education inspectors Mumbai’s three zones

Kotak Education Foundation presented annual project to the Regional Director’s Office, Regional Academic Authority (RAA), and the education inspectors of Mumbai's three zones. KEF team members shared their achievements and future plans during the presentations. The work done under Communicative English Project, Digital Learning Solution (DLS) and Lead Project in 64 schools of Mumbai was well appreciated by RAA and SCERT- Maharashtra team.

Kotak Education Foundation featured in Forum Views Magazine

Kotak Education Foundation is overwhelmed to feature in Forum Views Magazine by Bombay Stock Exchange Brokers Forum in the April 2023 Annual Special Edition called Women's Exclusive.

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20 schools digitalized under Model School Project

We are happy to share our journey of creating digital solutions in schools by installing televisions and smart boards in 20 schools across Maharashtra. The teachers were provided 3 Laptops and 30 tabs were distributed to students. Students

REZO 2023 – Learn-Create-Innovate Digital Innovation in Education

As our society becomes more complex, schools must adapt their methods to prepare students for new challenges in the 21st century. It therefore becomes critical to sow the seeds of innovation through our teaching practices. REZO 2023 an annual event by Digital Learning Solution project of Kotak Education Foundation was designed to showcase the learnings, creativity and innovation among teachers and students. 64 schools participated in the two competitions - Design-A-Thon and Kaleidoscope.

Authored Article by

Swetha Mendon

Communicative English Facilitator

Kotak Education Foundation

Communicative English - The Need of the Hour

English is a global language which serves as a source to communicate and work together for people across the globe in today’s tech-driven world. India’s growth potential is fueled by its young population’s access and proficiency of English and has helped us find a place on the global map.

Let us examine five reasons why access to communicative English is the need of the hour for India: Globalization: With the rise of globalization, people from different parts of the world are coming together to study and work. English, - the common language to interact - thus has become essential.

Career Advancement: English is vital for most jobs in the global market. Companies are seeking employees who can communicate effectively in English, as it helps in interrelating with clients and customers from around the world.

Education: International universities use English as the medium to teach. It proves to be beneficial for students to have a good command over it

Personal Growth: opportunities like cultural exchange, traveling the world, and cross-cultural communication can be aided by the knowledge of this global language.

Confidence: Effective communication in English can boost confidence. It is proven to have a positive impact on personal and professional growth of an individual

So with every student aiming to be a doctor, engineer, IAS officer, and studying / working abroad, all of us have realized the need to adapt and master a language that is spoken by the majority. By improving communication skills we are opening the doors to conversations, language learning, and new vocabulary. And steadily stepping ourselves up among the 1.5 billion people out there knowing and speaking English as their native or second language.

On the Job training (OJT) by Kotak Life Insurance for KEF BFSI aspirants

Through the Kotak Education Foundation livelihood project, aspirants are provided with 360-degree training that includes domain-specific trainings, life skill training as well as exposure to on-the-job tasks and industry expectations.

Recently KEF Banking Financial Services and Insurance students (BFSI) got the opportunity to get 2 weeks on the job training from Kotak Life Insurance. The team from Kotak Life Insurance provided valuable information on the insurance industry overview, the basic concept of insurance, the purpose of an insurance policy, and the dos and don'ts while considering a policy. The students also got a chance to share their understanding during the training program and received a certificate of participation from KEF.

Volunteers Contribution

A big thank you to all the volunteers who mentored Kotak Education Foundation’s scholarship students by conducted life skill training classes for the whole year. The progress made by scholars was very evident during the post-test survey conducted. The post-test revealed that as compared to the pre-test the students are more confident in sharing their opinions and expressing themselves. They also have a good grasp of the English language.

A team that plays together stays together!

There’s nothing like a great team outing with your work buddies, one that makes you excited to go back to work! Let’s have a look at all the fun, KEFians had bonding, dancing, singing and just letting, loose to make a fresh beginning to the financial year!

From school drop-out to a rewarding job: vocational education counts

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation,” said Richard Bach in, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Being a teenager is not always easy, and for many reasons one might decide to stop going to college. Such were the circumstances of Gayatri Santosh Vhatkar, who faced financial difficulties right from her childhood day. Life was never easy for Gayatri. The odds were stacked against her which forced her to drop out from college post her 12th standard.

I could only study till 12th STD and it was very critical for me to find a job and support my family expenses. But the biggest question for her was: How would she get a job in an organized sector? How will she find a job which is respectable at the same time pays well?

During this time, Gayatri met Ms. Priya Detke during Kotak Education Foundation’s livelihood projects door-to-door mobilization program. She was extremely happy and relieved when she heard about the vocational training programs by KEF. The icing on the cake was that the programs were all complete free of cost. Gayatri grabbed the

opportunity immediately and enrolled herself in the CRS program. During the 2-month training in CRS, the facilitators not only provided domain-specific training, but also conducted group activities, role plays which helped each aspirant develop their communication skills, groom skills, life skills along with domain knowledge.

Through Unnati's placement, Gayatri cracked the interview at Third Wave Coffee. Now Gayatri is earning
INR 2, 04,000/- annually plus incentives as a barista

What’s in the NEWS

G20 Education Working Group

The third G20 Education Working Group kick started with an exhibition showcasing not only the integration of technology in tradition sectors and novel delivery models, but also the shift in future work. The 7-day exhibition witnessed participation of tops institutes and global tech companies

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Need to be ready’: India looks to imbibe Singapore model in schools for skilling & education

India needs to map future skills to make students job ready, education minister Dharmendra Pradhan said Tuesday, ahead of the G-20 education working group meeting in Bhubaneswar. Participants will look at new skills at the meeting themed “Future of Work”.

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PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ contributed towards greater goals of transforming education

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 100th episode of the monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ shared the glimpses of the numerous initiatives of the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India and its various autonomous institutions highlight the impact the programme has on the Indian education system.

Click on the link to hear the programme

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