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Kotak Education Foundation

KEF Podcast Launched to Ensure Effective Spoken English Abilities

KEF launched Season 1 and Season 2 of podcasts for students. Each season consists of 4 episodes on topics relevant to students. The podcast is an innovative medium to reach out to students and provide them with short, effective content to develop their English speaking abilities and comprehension skills. Each season consists of 4 episodes with a new episode being shared each week. The 7 episodes released so far have already been played 2239 times cumulatively with the first episode has been played 482 times on the very first day it was released.

32 partner schools shared their project ideas at the event where 50 school principals received fellowship awards, out of which, 31 were KEF principals. This was a remarkable feat for KEF.

The Conference proved to be a creative and extraordinary learning experience overall for the facilitators as well as the school headmasters who had participated in the Conference.

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