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Kotak Education Foundation

Webinar Conducted on Revised National Education Policy

India witnessed a third major revamp of framework in education, in the form of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, replacing the previous Education Policy of 1986.

To ensure that the new policy diktats penetrate into the partner schools, KEF organized webinars for headmasters and teachers of our schools, to make them aware of each and every small changes in the NEP with regards to education.

The event was very successful with active participation from 1400 headmasters and teachers from 70 partner schools, wherein valuable exchange of thoughts and ideas on several issues took place.

The main focus areas in school education were ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ (ECCE), ‘Foundational Literacy and Numeracy’ (FLN), ‘Curriculum and Pedagogy in Schools’, ‘Testing and Assessments’, ‘Teachers and Teachers’ Education’.

A team of trainers from ‘Leadership for Equity (LFE)’, Pune - a systems change and research organization, not just made sure that our beneficiaries understand the policy but also emphasized on the changes they might see in schools.

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